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Welcome to my personal website. I have been a collector of vinyl for over 35 years and I have accumilated a huge collection of more than 50,00 albums alone. Most are UK pressings. I have a varied taste in music of many genres so there may be something of interest to any avid vinyl collectors or music lovers.

It is important to note ,that this is my personal hobby and  the main reason that I have decided to set up this site is to try to attract any vinyl collectors that would be interested to trade or sell some interesting vinyl. I would be very interested in purchasing interesting music on vinyl or collections, that anyone may have that is of interest to me, I am also interested in trading some of these albums featured here. I have added a valuation to the records featured to give an indication to what I think they may be worth, So please do not hesitate to contact me especially with any obscure groups or artists from the 60s and 70s and UK pressings are my preference. Also the condition would be a very important factor to me, rather than the rarety alone.

The audio quality has always been my main interest rather than the rarety of just having a particular record, so if there are any out there that wish to contact me, please do not hesitate to do so?

 I have a huge collection of Beatles records that I have accumilated, over 1000 Beatles albums alone and most are UK pressings. You may ask yourself why has this person collected so many copies of the same album! Well, I became aware and so fascinated, right at the start of my collecting career that one vinyl would sound different from another, for instance I would hear instruments on one vinyl that I had never noticed on another before. I had also noticed that the earlier the pressing was, i.e. pressed from the earliest master or 1st master, that the audio would be far more vibrant and raunchy,with a real deep basey feel, especially when hearing Beatles records. This is one reason why many record collectors are after the earliest pressings that they can get their hands on.

 Because of the vast quantity of records that I will be featuring here I will only be giving a breif visual description, it is not possible to play all of these albums, but if any require me to do so then please ask? , or if there are any more questions that require answering, again please ask? I will endeavor to answer all messages as soon as possible. More records will be uploaded constantly as time permits me to do so, so please bookmark my site and keep looking constantly. Importantly, any records that I feature here, I would deem as playable and are graded as fairly as possible, any defects that there may be on any particular item ,I will try to describe to the best of my ability. Over the past 3 years that I have been selling on ebay I have had many enquiries regarding stampers and label variations especially for Beatles records. I have decided to , (in the near future) set up an info site on label variations and about stampers, which may be helpful to others for particular pressings such as UK Beatles variations.As soon as it is set up I will put the link on this site.

Thank you for visiting my website.

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