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The following information applies to EMI UK labels: Columbia, HMV, MGM, Parlophone, etc


During the 2nd World War in 1940 the government introduced a levy on "luxury goods"  phonographic records was included. A Purchase Tax came into force,  starting at a rate of 1/3 rd.   This was added onto the wholesale price, which, obviously was passed on to the consumer via the retail price.   So from October 1940,  EMI, DECCA & PHILIPS Record Companies used a 2-letter Purchase Tax code.  Every time the government changed the percentage rate,  a different code was employed!  EMI labels had theirs embossed around the center hole on one side of the disc.  "T" was always used as the 2nd letter!  Here are the codes dated post 1962 , relevant to this site. These codes continued until the end of 1968, after which, the vinyls  were no longer stamped this way!

10 April 1962........................ZT 
26 November 1962................PT
1 January 1963...................MT
1 July 1963.........................KT

From 1st January 1969 there were no stampers.


Please note! In some instances there are no Tax codes stamped around the spindle hole!, in this case the codes are sometimes found stamped on the run off grooves.

Also in some instances Three letters can be seen stamped around the spindle hole on one side of the record This was because it is the actual changeover period during a revised tax rate, it was not effective to discard the recent pressing plates (stampers),  so the new (1st) letter  is added.   Sometimes a Stamp with the updated code can be found  adhered to the label or sleeve.  The purpose of adding the new letter immediately, was so that retailers who returned unsold stock of records to the wholesaler, would be credited with the same amount of tax that as paid for said records!